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Three generations of pioneering and innovation

Tecbril is more than a company in constant search for innovation and technological development to manufacture its products. Since the beginning of our activities, we have as a principle the full commitment with the technical challenges proposed by the customers. High exchange of information, research, development and manufacturing of industrial paints combine harmoniously to find an effective solution. The knowledge gathered by the company in decades of experience in the field enables consultants and technicians to perfectly diagnose the client's need. This way, we generate accurate data and information for the development and manufacture of very high quality products for wood, glass and plastics.

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Vocation to innovate

Tecbril was founded in the 90's as a paint distributor. Back then, the furniture industry was experiencing a real revolution, with the introduction of new technologies in the processes of finishing surfaces and paint covering. The time was right for the company's directors, who already brought, from their Family, the talent and vocation to work in this industry. The technical assistance activity, which was already a company strengh, became the window to acquire knowledge and experience in bringing customized solutions to customers. The background acquired with the distribution of products and technical assistance provided the necessary base for the installation of the factory in 1998.

The enterprise's mission was to deeply understand the needs of the industry, to develop and manufacture solutions in wood paints for the furniture industry. From the beginning, we have proven ourselves capable of incorporating new technologies. This is the case of the UV painting process, which we were pioneers of in the country. The results achieved in terms of aesthetics, speed, finish and resistance in wood painting gave Tecbril a notable competitive advantage. It was the kick start for the company to improve team qualification, laboratories and manufacturing facilities, and to position itself in the market. This is how we conquered manufacturers of high added value products throughout the country.

Always focused on developing high-level solutions with its customers, Tecbril started researching solutions for other materials within the furniture industry itself, such as glass and plastic cases. It was another opportunity to show its competence in bringing high quality solutions into new niches in the industry.

Today, Tecbril continues to seek innovation and quality in solutions for its customers, heavily investing in research and improving its portfolio of products and services. For this, we have highly specialized teams, besides research and development centers for the entire product chain, from the choice of raw materials, development of resins and formulation of differentiated products.

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Purpose, Mission, Vision, Principles and Quality Policy


We synthesize the right chemistry for the perfect result.


Generate growth, evolution and results for people and companies through research, development, industrialization and provision of services that meet their objectives, needs and aspirations.


To be the integrated solution between products and services, with the highest perceived value in the industrial paint market, furniture, plastic and glass industries.


Socio-environmental responsibility, commitment, creativity, sustainability, reliability, credibility, adaptability and quickness.


To use the integrated management system as a tool to continuously improve work processes, contributing to the success of our mission.

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Research and development

Tecbril has a complete and unique structure for researching, developing and manufacturing products for painting processes:

Engineering and development

Quality control

High-tech application tests

Laboratories in Caxias do Sul (RS) and Hortolândia (SP)


Furniture and Wood

For three generations innovating for the furniture industry

Tecbril provides a wide range of paint solutions for wood application. We propose to share with our customers the experience and knowledge acquired for decades of work in the industrial paints segment.

The ideal solutions for each specific need arise from the exchange of information and deep technical analyses, in a permanent dialogue with our customers. We approach processes and applications in internal and external areas.

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External areas

The ultimate in durability and weather resistance

Weather exposed wooden are a challenge that puts the use of aesthetic and high-performance technologies to the test.

Weather conditions such as the sun, temperature change and humidity affects the color, texture and strength of the coating film. Therefore, achieving a finish that resists these factors requires a set of procedures that involve the preparation and protection of the wood, in addition to the high quality raw materials.

Durability and resistance

Our products undergo innovative accelerated weather simulation testing. This initiative guarantees excellent long-term wood preservation performance.

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foto area externa

Natural woods

The line of water-based impregnants contains translucent pigments that preserve the naturalness of the wood. In addition to ensuring an attractive aesthetic effect, the use of organic pastes and iron oxide filters ultraviolet rays, protecting the wood.

We use BIO coatings for ICA wood. They are made with recycled raw materials, and the production cycle has lower impact on the environment.


Door and window frames need special attention and extra care in the application of paints and varnishes. A rigorous preparation establishes the necessary base for the application of the paint, so that the final finish gets on a high resistance base.

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Internal areas

Pioneering and innovation in paints for the furniture industry

Tecbril has developed a line of high quality products for furniture. We satisfy the needs of a market which in constant evolution, creating products and finishes according to the highest demands of technology and quality.

We work in partnership with the client. We participate in the entire process, from the planning phase, through after-sales assistance to the final application of the product.

Colors and finishes

We know that color stability is essential for a quality final product. That's why we develop highly innovative products and shades. Among them, acrylic threads, traditional polyester threads and UV gloss lacquers.

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foto area interna

Performance and Quality

Our commitment is to make the most of the potential of each product. We have a thorough quality control, and this ensures stability between batches. Thus, we meet the highest demanding standards.


Reflecting feelings inspired by the colors of well-being, energy and optimism

Connected to the demanding quality standards of the glass industry, Tecbril offers the E-Glass® decoration system to the market. Formulated with its own resin technology, the product has the following main features:

  • Excellent application
  • High chemical resistance
  • High adhesion on glass (no need to apply adhesion promoters)
  • Possibility of obtaining many different colors and effects
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Flat Glasses - Flat glass gains vibrant colors

Inserted in the latest trends in furniture design, flat glasses can be painted through different applications: spray, curtain or roller. Tecbril has a product line for each of them, with water and solvent based systems.

With the coverage carried out by Tecbril products and painting systems, the glass details of furniture and wooden pieces gain unique feature due to the impeccable finish, which enhances the product as a whole.

Possibility of obtaining several different colors and effects

Bottles and Cosmetics - Colors and textures that bring life

The E-Glass® line of paints were specially developed to meet the needs of the housewares, perfumery, food and beverage industries. They have excellent technical properties in terms of hardness, chemical resistance, transparency and industrial workability.

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High performance in plastic coverings

Our solutions are optimized for the most diverse types of plastic and for different application needs: metallization, special colors and specific products for difficult-to-adhere materials. With adhesion promoters, adhesion problems on plastics such as PP and PE are solved.

Thermoplastic Finishing - Differentiated products with experience and innovation

Products for direct finishing on plastic, glossy, matte, smooth, textured, with a soft touch, transparent or pigmented. We have a huge range of possibilities for the most different markets, with a focus on cosmetics, white goods and footwear.

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foto plastico

UV Finishes - The final touch of refinement in plastic coating

The lines of Tecbril UV varnishes and lacquers were developed to meet the most varied types of finishing, providing protection and making their final effect extremely attractive. It has excellent stability and performance, with full control of its application characteristics, use and technical attributes.


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